GDMS 演讲嘉宾
  • Blake Cahill
    Blake Cahill 荷兰皇家飞利浦 高级副总裁,全球数字营销及媒介负责人

    Blake Cahill 是荷兰皇家飞利浦数字营销和媒介事务全球负责人。他领导一个高水准的数字专家团队,负责飞利浦 10 个业务集团和 17 个市场集群的数字营销转型相关的专业知识、计划和新技术。

    在 2012 加入飞利浦之前,Blake 在 Visible Technologies 负责领导与一家顶尖企业软件供应商在所有社会媒体和品牌监控、商业和品牌发展、市场定位和思想领导力等领域的相关活动。之后,Blake加入 Banyan Branch(一家他卖给德勤的顶尖数字代理商),并作为思想领袖在那里领导客户执行和收购。


    Blake 目前和家人住在阿姆斯特丹。

  • Dr. Manfred Bräunl
    Dr. Manfred Bräunl 保时捷中国 市场副总裁

    Dr. Manfred Bräunl joined Porsche’s largest market worldwide, in 2014 as Vice President Marketing. His areas of expertise are marketing, sales, customer relationship management and financial services. In pervious years he has worked for multiple premium and luxury automotive brands such as BMW and Maserati as head of marketing. These assignments have been in a number of key markets including Germany, Canada, Italy and now China. Dr. Bräunl, who holds a German and Canadian citizenship, is also an official guest professor at Tongji University.

  • Tim Heile
    Tim Heile 东风英菲尼迪 市场营销及公关部部长

    Tim Heile previously Director of Marketing at BMW Japan, brings a wealth of experience in the premium automotive industry. He joins from BMW Group where he had held various roles for over 16 years, including marketing communication, brand development and general management, as well as his experience working in Asia for ten years.
    Roland Krueger, President of INFINITI Motor Company said, “Tim will be a valuable addition to the management team at Dongfeng INFINITI. His experience and expertise in the premium automotive sector in China and in Asia will add strength to our expanding operation in China. We look forward to Tim’s leadership to make INFINITI one of the top tier players in the premium automotive segment in China.”

  • Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder
    Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder University St. Gallen, Independent Expert #SMARTMobility

    Hans-Peter is an independent expert for #SMARTMobility, SMARTCites and #MAAS working as an international speaker, curator, moderator as well as Innovation and VC scout with 24 year experience @BMW, MINI and Audi as General Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Sales Officer and Chief Customer Officer. 
    His footprints include global launch of the BMW 3Series, first digital platforms for BMW Group, the brand and market launch of MINI, market leadership at Audi, both in Germany and establishing Social Media strategy and operations, concluding as head of the Audi Customer Dieselgate Taskforce. 

  • 邓胜蓝
    邓胜蓝 宝洁 大中华区电子商务与媒体运营副总裁




  • Gregory Fox
    Gregory Fox 华为 市场营销及品牌战略副总裁

    Gregory is Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Brand Strategy at Huawei, leading company efforts to accelerate industry-leading marketing, thought leadership, brand capabilities, and enabling Huawei’s own digitization and digital transformation efforts.


    As Huawei’s top brand ambassador, the company brand value and reputation have achieved new heights, as it brings digital to every person, home, and organization, for a fully connected, intelligent world.


    Previously, Gregory was Vice President of Huawei Global Partner and Alliances, building cross-company partnering and ecosystem capabilities with top alliance and solution partners cross Huawei carrier, cloud and enterprise businesses.


    Gregory has more than 25 years industry experience holding senior strategy, channels, sales, alliance management, marketing, product management, and corporate business development positions at Huawei, Citrix, Cisco, Novell, and HPE.


    Gregory is an expert in alliances, ecosystems, marketing, branding and the digital economy and in promoting the role and value that ICT and enabling technologies such as Broadband, Data Center, Cloud, Big Data, IoT, and AI play in driving enterprise and country digital transformation and achieving intelligent connectivity.


    Gregory is a popular industry speaker, is the author of many articles and serves as an advisor to several associations, closely collaborating with top academia and key opinion leaders on top technology and business issues.


    Gregory holds a B.A. in Economics and Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

  • Amy Chen
    Amy Chen 百事公司 大中华区休闲食品品类副总裁和首席市场官

    Amy Chen目前担任百事公司大中华区休闲食品品类副总裁和首席市场官,她专注于通过包括乐事、奇多、多力多滋在内的广受喜爱的品牌来实现领先市场的赢利性收入和份额增长。同时,她还领导了休闲食品品类的创新项目和产品组合转型。


    Amy是一个战略型思考者,一位充满激情的领导者。同时,Amy相信商业和品牌都可以成为社会福利的动力。 Amy不仅是百事公司全球人权运营委员会的成员,同时还是百事公司“Food  for Good”项目的指导委员会成员。早在2009年,Amy就帮助创建了“Food  for Good”项目,这个社会项目专注于美国城市市区的营养。


  • Markus Seidel 博士
    Markus Seidel 博士 宝马集团 副总裁兼技术部负责人

    Over the last decades Markus has been involved in more than 100 innovation driven projects in Europe, Greater China and the Silicon Valley – some of them disrupting established or creating new markets. His expertise is focused on product development, strategy and project management. Markus has developed a unique experience how to create cross functional ecosystems that turn possibilities into realities. He is a frequent keynote speaker as well as an author on innovation and technology. Markus’ current work in China focuses on urban mobility, data analytics and open innovation. In this fields his team is working on various R&D projects in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
    Work experience:
    2015 – Today
    Vice President, Head of BMW Group Technology Office China, Shanghai City
    Responsibility of the BMW Group’s research and innovation activities in Greater China, legal representative for BMW China Services Ltd. Shanghai Branch, project responsibility for a new R&D Center in Shanghai.
    March 2013 – July 2015
    Head of Project Electric Mobility BMW Motorrad Management and development of the BMW Motorrad electric scooter program incl. BMW C Evolution; creation and management of the BMW Motorrad Connected Ride program.

  • Ajit Sivadasan
    Ajit Sivadasan 联想集团 全球电商及数字营销副总裁

    Ajit Sivadasan manages the Global Web strategy for Lenovo across 90+ countries. In his role he manages Lenovo’s substantial online sales and marketing across its B2C and B2B channels globally. Over the last 12 years he has architected and built Lenovo’s web capabilities working with an internal team spread across 15+ countries, growing the business over 6x and profits by over 10x. has won several awards for Usability and Design globally.
    Ajit holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from India, a MS in Industrial Management from Northern Illinois University and a MBA from Claremont Graduate University’s Peter F. Drucker School of Management.

  • 栾娜
    栾娜 腾讯 广告营销服务线销售总经理


  • 李哲林
    李哲林 百威英博 百威品牌北亚区市场副总裁

    Joseph is the Marketing VP – Budweiser brand for ABInbev North Asia.  Joseph graduated with a duel MBA/MIM degree from Thunderbird-ASU/ University of Houston and also attended executive programs with Harvard, Northwestern University and CEIBS.

    Joseph joined ABInbev China in 2009 and has managed different local and international brands for the company.  Now as the brand head of Budweiser, the absolute leader of premium beer segment in China, Joseph leads branding, strategy and planning, digital marketing, innovation and experience marketing that continues to build the brand power of Budweiser.

    As a Malaysian that has lived and worked in New York, Taipei and Shanghai, Joseph has a diverse international experience.  Before joining ABinbev, Joseph worked for Pepsico, Yahoo and BAT.

  • Dominic Iacono
    Dominic Iacono 金佰利 亚太区成人及女性护理部门负责人

    Dom is a single daddy, a former infantry leader of U.S. Marines, and a passionate brand marketer who believes the world would be a much better place if more women were in charge.

    Dom is currently the Regional Sector Leader for Adult and Feminine Care at Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific, where he serves the brand mission of Kotex to champion the progress of women around the world, and of Depend to help restore dignity to those who suffer from incontinence.

    Dom has over a dozen years of global brand building and business leadership experience, including a decade-long stint at Procter & Gamble where he worked on Pampers, Duracell and other well-known brands, and as Chief Marketing Officer for Circuit of The Americas, host of the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix. As a leader, he is committed to building high performance teams that champion consumer-inspired innovation and consumer-centric brand stories.

    Dom earned his MBA from the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering from The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He currently lives in Singapore.

  • 周文彪
    周文彪 悠易互通 首席执行官

    悠易互通首席执行官(Chief Executive Officer),知名数字营销专家,中国程序化购买行业领航者,拥有美国加州大学伯克利分校哈斯工商管理硕士学位。

    周文彪是悠易互通多屏程序化购买理念的奠基人,带领悠易互通迅速发展为程序化购买行业领军者,先后完成C轮、D轮融资,实现公司营收翻倍增长。2015年,悠易互通继续开疆扩土,成功将跨屏程序化购买、程序化电视购买等多项领先产品体系成功推向市场,完成悠易互通战略上的新布局。在他的带领下,悠易互通被美国《红鲱鱼》杂志授予“全球及亚洲100强企业”、釜山国际广告节“亚洲最具影响力广告公司”等重要国际大奖。其个人则先后荣获Campaign A-list Top100 精英企业家、金鼠标年度网络营销杰出贡献人物、金鼎创意传播领袖人物奖等多项荣誉。周文彪此前曾担任谷歌亚太区AdSense负责人,并先后服务于3Com和SUN微电子公司。

  • 张淑娟
    张淑娟 沃尔玛 首席营销官

    Suejane graduated from National Taiwan University, and holds an MSc degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and an MBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


    Suejane joined Walmart China in 1999 and has very diversified retail experience in various areas of Walmart including Marketing, Merchandising Operations, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs. Now as leader of Marketing, Suejane leads branding, strategy and planning, digital marketing, customer communications and customer insights that impact over 400 Walmart stores and e-commerce platforms in China.


    Having lived and worked in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, Suejane has a profound understanding of the Chinese market and shopping behaviors of the local customers. She strongly believes that to be successful, retailers especially marketers must focus on customers’ needs and exceed their expectation. Suejane and her team are leading Walmart China to be a best-in-class Omni-channel retailer by providing customers with the easiest seamless Omni-channel shopping experience. With focus on customers’ needs and communicate in more digitalized and personalized ways, Suejane aims not only to deliver business goals but more importantly to build Walmart as the most trusted retailer in China. 

  • 陈欣
    陈欣 知乎 商业市场总经理

  • 冯佳路
    冯佳路 唯品会 副总裁

    曾任宝洁旗下玉兰油大中华区品牌总监, 以及国际公关公司万博宣伟顾问
    2013年加入唯品会担任副总裁, 主要负责市场营销及品牌推广等

  • 秦晓玲
    秦晓玲 泛为科技 创始人兼CEO


  • 廖俊雄
    廖俊雄 香格里拉酒店集团 市场副总裁

    Matt Liao, Marketing Vice President of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, has a marketing career spanning more than 20 years within the region, the majority gained in Mainland China.

    With deep experience in retail, commercial real estate, hospitality and destination marketinghe specializes in delivering integrated campaigns that encompass a heavy digital, activation and CRM component to drive customer engagement and brand loyalty.

    Having previously worked for Value Retail China, CapitalMalls Asia, Dairy Farm Group- Mannings China and Walmart China where millennials were also a key customer target, he understands what drives this customer segment to engage, share and shop. In his view creating Omni channel interactions and distinct experiences is what captures this audience. They want to be taken beyond their comfort zone to discover the new, unexplored and not widely understood.

    Year of Birth: 1971

    Nationality: Chinese (Taiwanese)

    Language(s): Chinese, English, Taiwanese


    2009-2011   Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Business School, MBA

    1990-1994   Taipei (Chun-Shin) University, Bachelor of Sociology 

  • 李淼
    李淼 网易传媒 战略经营部 & 全国营销管理中心总经理





  • 叶心薇
    叶心薇 雅高酒店集团 大中华区数字营销副总裁

    Vivian Yeh拥有18年年在纽约,台北和香港等各地代理网络和公司的数字化及咨询经历,是数字化战略, 消费者参与和全球先进媒体解决方案领域的思想领导者和创新先驱。

    在美赞臣(中国)有限公司时,她通过扩⼤大数字化领域人才、提升其能力和增强公司的营销方向,加速了公司的消费者数字化业务发展。她对消费者数字化行为和洞察的深入了解,使她能够利用正确的解决方案来优化数字化参与和沟通,从而实现公司的营销策略。同时, Vivian还非常迅速地响应了最新的技术创新,并相应调整和制定合适的营销方案。

    Vivian拥有宾汉姆顿⼤大学⼯工商管理理硕⼠士学位,并在业内享有美誉,是Mead Johnson,ABinBev American Express的客户,并担任ISOBAR和WWWins的顾问,正帮助如可口可乐,宝洁,锐步,PUMA,汇丰等客户拓展其在大中华区的业务。

  • 徐文兰
    徐文兰 首旅如家 运营营销资深副总裁,会员/数字营销部总经理


  • 王华
    王华 Marketin 创始人兼CEO

    他是一位数字营销技术和业务的混合型领导者,有超过十五年营销技术产品及解决方案管理、数据分析与品牌咨询从业经历。在创建Marketin前,曾任国内最大的移动广告交易平台芒果移动(AdsMogo) COO。在此之前,他曾任易传媒(AdChina,被阿里巴巴收购)产品解决方案VP、Menlo总经理。加盟易传媒前,他曾任WPP旗下MillwardBrown大中华区数字营销业务负责人。是国内最早一批投身程序化广告、营销自动化领域产品和商业模式探索的从业者。

  • Angeli Beltran
    Angeli Beltran 美赞⾂臣营养品中国 数字营销与客户关系管理总监

    Angeli brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and business management. Currently the Director of CARE Strategy at Mead Johnson China, she is a leader in customer relationship management in a digital environment, driving  growth for world class consumer brands at a global level.  Angeli’s strong track record in business transformation for both entrepreneurial start-ups and multinational companies has delivered skills in global marketing strategy and integrated communications from both a creative and commercial perspective. She has proven capabilities in managing multiple markets in Asia, building local, regional and global teams, and delivering commercial success for a diverse range of traditional and digital organisations.

  • 姚希希
    姚希希 Farmacy HongKong E-commerce总经理


    加入Farmacy之前,姚希希女士在Paula’s Choice担任香港及中国渠道的E-commerce负责人。此前,她也曾在台湾牛尔美之本、公牛电器集团任职多年。她在市场营销、KOL营销和电商战略领域经验非常丰富。



  • 施启伟
    施启伟 小红书 社区电商总经理




  • 陈高铭
    陈高铭 小米公司 广告销售部总经理

    陈高铭先生任小米公司广告销售部总经理,负责小米公司及整体生态的广告销售。推 动小米智能生态营销的商业化模式的创新与探索。

    在中国互联网及数字广告市场有着超过15年的从业经历,见证中国社交媒体的发展变 迁。对商业趋势和营销行业有深入和独特的视角与洞察。于2016年1月加入小米,凭借小 米全场景、大数据、IoT上的优势,带领团队打造出多个广告商业化的经典案例,例如跨 天气、音乐、运动等多场景的定制,彪马手机主题,以及创新性的KFC会叫鸡的冰箱、高 互动性的优悦水手环提醒饮水等IoT案例。特别是在OTT大屏时代,在保护用户体验的前 提下,推动小米OTT广告的商业化,带领团队把小米OTT广告做到行业领先。

  • 林文威
    林文威 阿里巴巴集团 阿里妈妈品牌业务中心产品总经理




  • 蔡婷婷
    蔡婷婷 TVB 高级编剧


  • 潘田
    潘田 喜马拉雅 副总裁


  • 王沁
    王沁 华特迪士尼中国 副总裁,数字娱乐部总经理


    在加入数娱部门前, 她担任华特迪士尼(中国)有限公司消费品部授权业务,出版物授权许可,零售及市场推广副总裁,负责制定战略并拓展新商机,同时带领团队实现迪士尼授权业务和面向消费者业务的增长。


  • 谢鹏
    谢鹏 品友互动 联合创始人兼COO



  • 蔡晓丹
    蔡晓丹 领英 大中华区广告营销业务部总经理




  • 詹钧文
    詹钧文 好时 大中华区市场部负责人





  • 刘曜
    刘曜 哔哩哔哩 副总裁
  • 叶挺
    叶挺 通用磨坊中国 首席信息官




  • Gijs Sanders
    Gijs Sanders 葛兰素史克消费保健品 大中华区非处方药市场总监兼大中华区市场优化部总监

    自2000年加入葛兰素史克以来,Gijs Sanders先生在消费保健品业务的市场营销和综合管理方面担任过多项领导职务。此前,Gijs Sanders先生曾就职于新加坡、迪拜、伦敦、布鲁塞尔和阿姆斯特丹,在不同地区累积了丰富经验。他亦在消费保健品的多个品类中开展工作,在推出和发展品类的领先品牌方面拥有优异记录。

    Gijs Sanders先生是泛欧地区推出益周适的主导者,并使其成为全欧洲发展最快的口腔护理品牌。此后,他为牙龈护理业务建立了稳固的创新产品线。

    2010年,Gijs Sanders先生担任中东地区的护理品类的区域市场总监。三年内,他推动该地区的业务同比增长超过20%,并为该品类取得了强劲的市场份额增长。



  • 赵天宸
    赵天宸 个灯 首席运营官
  • 郭斌
    郭斌 嘉士伯 媒体总监
  • 栗建
    栗建 喜利得 数字营销负责人
  • Zoe Zhou
    Zoe Zhou 优达学城 市场及合作伙伴负责人

    Zoe has 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and start-up. As Head of Marketing and Partnership, she oversees Udacitys brand strategy, insights, strategic partnerships and marketing executions in China to achieve growth goals. Before joined Udacity, she cofounded an ed-tech venture and successfully built and released 3 language learning mobile apps to the market, that have been featured as Best New App by Apple across 23 countries in Europe, as well as 2016 Best App by Xiaomi and Baidus App stores in China. Before her entrepreneurial adventure, she was heading up the digital marketing team for the adults learning service of EF Education First, the worlds largest private education company, as a Senior Director of Digital Marketing. Prior to working with EF, Zoe was an early member of the Google China team, providing optimization solutions for top-tier AdWords advertisers, such as Alibaba and Ctrip.

  • 陈都烨
    陈都烨 字节跳动 营销中心总经理

    陈都烨女士,现任字节跳动营销中心总经理,主要负责商业化平台营销策略、内容变现、营销品牌建设等。 10余年互网和市场营销业经验,熟悉互网行媒体趋势业态,深度了解客以及代理公司合作模式和体系。

    IT,旅游,B2B,奢侈品,快消等多个品的客对传统媒体与互网新媒体各自的平台商化价趋势,及品理研究有着全面深刻的知。 加入字前任于群邑旗下尚媒介,负责多个国户传统媒体和数字媒体的整合营销

  • Aseem Puri
    Aseem Puri 联合利华 全球市场总监

    Senior Marketing Leader with Unilever leading a large billion dollar portfolio of global brands. Responsible for brand innovation, digital marketing, digital content & brand communication with top line /bottom line responsibility for fabric cleaning brands across Asia.. Digital Marketing and Social Media specialist (Certified Inbound Marketer) having created many successful campaigns in the space and teach the same at leading business schools globally. Marketing Trainer with a track record of training over 5000 professionals in marketing skills across leading international marketing forums. 15 years of rich brand leadership experience across India, China and South East Asia with a track record of doubling / tripling brands, high success rate in landing new brand innovations and delivering the top 2 category innovations in the last decade on sales and profitability.

  • 吴荻
    吴荻 美团点评 战略KA市场总经理



  • 田文军
    田文军 文军营销 CEO



  • 余佳娜
    余佳娜 前美赞臣 数字全整合副总监

    Over 10 years of experience in marketing, including brand marketing, product category, digital marketing in Starbucks & AB-inBev (Budweiser, Harbin, Corona Beer).

    Devoted in digital territory, specialized in strategic planning for company; mastered in paid owned earned touch points platform planning, IMC campaign creative and always-on tactics.  Dedicate to creating value and growth for company through digital means.  Innovator in business model digitalization, corporate level digital transformation, experienced in mass consumer eCRM management and mobile marketing. 

  • 張岸青
    張岸青 Gap 中国 大中华区首席营销官兼执行创意总监

    An-Ching has joined Gap Inc, Greater China in April 2017 as Excutive Creative Director for Gap Inc. Greater China.  Since May 2018, he has also became the head of Gap Inc. Greater China Marketing, responsible for leading the Marketing/Creative teams to build a marketing fuction, developing and executing marketing/Creative/CRM strategies to ensure the brands (Gap, Old Navy) are well expressed and relevent in the local market.

    An-Ching is a seasoned creative director with 30 plus years retail exeprience in the U.S., with a track record in helping building/transforming brands, develop marketing campaigns and excute creative developments.

    Prior to come to China, he was the VP, Golbal Creative, Old Navy, has developed Old Navy’s new brand creative direction, image/graphic standard in 2015, established Old Navy as a strong, marden, fun, family brand. An-Ching also played instrumental role in transforming/building Banana Republic brand. He was the Sr. Creative director at Banana Republic before he joined Old Navy.

    An-Ching holds a bachelor and Master’s degree in Fine art. He was also a professor in Shandong University of Art & Design, taught in Design/Brand Management.  

  • 岑兆佳
    岑兆佳 Adobe 华南、香港及台湾区数码营销解决方案谘询主管

    作為 Adobe 華南、香港及台灣區數碼營銷解決方案諮詢主管,岑兆佳先生與其團隊致力投放時間和熱誠於協助客戶更有效地了解現今市場趨勢和數碼變革所帶來的影響,以及讓客戶掌握如何利用 Adobe 的創新技術進行數碼轉型並獲取競爭優勢。

    岑先生為數碼營銷的專家,經常代表 Adobe 出席不同的商貿活動和會議,以及其他以數碼轉型、大數據和流動技術為主題的場合。岑先生擁有二十年在數碼及科技行業內工作的經驗。在 2014 年加入 Adobe 前,他在多間頂尖的科技企業內擔任不同的行政管理,其中包括在甲骨文、IBM、德勤等公司出任銷售管理、諮詢及研發等職務。

    先生持有英國 Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing 的數碼營銷深造文憑以及加拿大皇后大學電機工程理學士學位,他亦為 Digital Analytics Association 的會員。


    Adobe 致力通過數碼體驗改變世界。查詢詳情,請瀏覽公司網站:

  • 赵卓强
    赵卓强 360 商业产品事业部运营总监


  • 周波
    周波 意略明集团 首席执行官







  • 陈慕儒
    陈慕儒 爱彼迎中国 市场营销副总裁

    陈慕儒女士拥有近20年的全方位市场营销管理经验,覆盖广告策划,品牌管理,娱乐和体验式营销,数字化营销以及品牌公关等。 加入Airbnb爱彼迎之前, 她曾任职阿迪达斯的高级品牌传播总监,负责多个重要品牌战略策划以及其产品推广, 涉及运动专业系列,运动经典系列和运动生活系列等。此外,陈慕儒曾在美国纽约的时尚领域里工作以及在台北的4A广告公司担任要职。

  • 王琼
    王琼 佳通集团 驾捷乐及 O2O 零售 首席营销官

    Angela Wang 现任佳通集团驾捷乐汽车养护的首席营销官,在领导O2O新零售业务之前,她曾就任市场部副总经理,负责佳通轮胎中国区业务。




  • 王鑫
    王鑫 优信集团 首席营销官



  • 刘震
    刘震 凯迪拉克 品牌总监
  • 齐文韬
    齐文韬 迈蓝制药 中国区非处方及消费保健业务负责人




  • 刘晨贤
    刘晨贤 陌陌 广告销售部全国运营总经理




  • 徐文华
    徐文华 诸葛 io 首席营销官



  • Caspar Schlickum
    Caspar Schlickum Wunderman APAC CEO

    Caspar Schlickum is CEO of Wunderman APAC. Prior to Wunderman, Caspar was part of the founding team of WPP-owned global digital media platform Xaxis, where he served as CEO of Xaxis EMEA.

    Caspar has extensive experience in digital media and audience insight-driven marketing, having spent four years at Mindshare as a global client lead, and one year within Kantar, the holding company for WPP’s research and insight businesses.

    Prior to joining WPP, Caspar was Commercial Development Director at Fairfax Digital, one of Australia’s largest publishing houses. Before commencing his career in marketing, he spent six years in investment banking, based in Sydney, advising on technology, communications and infrastructure projects in the Asia Pacific region.

    Caspar holds an economics degree (with first-class honors) from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and an MBA from London Business School as well as Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

    Caspar is frequently solicited by prestigious industry organizations to share his insights and knowledge as an awards jury member, panel moderator, panelist and a keynote speaker at the Cannes Innovation Lions, the FT Digital Media Summit in London, the Festival of Media Global in Rome and Web Summit in Dublin.

    In addition, Caspar is a regular author for The Drum among other publications, writing about key industry trends and the future of the digital industry in the programmatic space, as well as general developments in media.

    Given his passion for education and learning, Caspar gives back to the community through his contributions in academic publications, such as the Journal of Digital & Social Media Management. He has been a regular guest lecturer at London Business School MBA and Executive Education programs.

    Caspar’s active contributions to the technology industry have been recognized by The Drum (nominated by his peers as the winner of The Digital Leader of the Year at the Drum Digital Trading Awards in 2016) and econsultancy (shortlisted for Senior Digital Leader of the Year Award in 2015).

  • 徐欣蕾
    徐欣蕾 中国达能饮料 市场副总裁


    徐欣蕾女士于2000年在台湾开始从事市场部工作,及后在中国大陆工作至今八年。她拥有跨行业丰富的市场营销经验,包括联合利华个人护理、诺基亚移动通讯设备及葛兰素史克健康产品等;在新品牌设计与推出, 360度数字化整合市场营销推广,电子商务及发展团队等方面都取得过优秀的业绩。

  • 蔡毅
    蔡毅 会员营销部总经理 携程

    Professional with consistent success in achieving profit and business growth objectives. Successful in leading and motivating teams and managing Profit & Loss (P&L) with innovative solutions. Being Adaptive and Proven ability in driving new business through establishing strategic partnerships and complex, multi-channel relationships to increase revenue.

  • 陈宇航
    陈宇航 周大福 电子商务中心常务副总经理


  • 施侃
    施侃 开域集团 CEO

    施侃先生毕业于上海交通大学,并先后在Stanford、长江商学院学习,担任国内首家一站式营销平台开域集团CEO。在此之前,施侃先生创立无双科技/安与吉,他拥有多年硅谷科技企业工作经验,并曾历任英特尔(中国)和VMWare(Palo Alto)的技术、市场、产品和高级管理岗位。


  • 杜欣盛
    杜欣盛 玛氏食品 全球总部中国数字创新中心负责人



  • 王 芊
    王 芊 华尔街英语 CMO

    Catherine Wang is the CMO of Wall Street English leading both Branding and Marketing Strategies in China. Before joining Wall Street English, her specialties were in sales operations with the role of National Sales Director in the leading global companies of cosmetics and nutrition.

    With her in-depth understanding of sales operations, Catherine has unique insights that ensure marketing strategies are directly aligned with the sales and profit goals of the company. In a rapidly changing and dynamic market, Catherine and her team are focused on ensuring that the customer journey is coherent and ultimately, not only leads to a successful sale, but to a satisfied and successful customer. In a growing company, her team are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to support business expansion and deliver on the promise of the most premium brand in its industry. 

  • 卞青
    卞青 玛丽黛佳 新零售事业部总经理
  • 成金兰
    成金兰 名创优品 品牌中心总监

    成金兰,前后任名创优品股份有限公司总裁助理,品牌中心总监、公关总监、一带一路办公室主任,现担任CCFA特许经营分会执委及特聘讲师、广州连锁经营协会副会长、混沌大学广州分社品牌顾问,新的社会阶层人士联谊会理事、向上吧女神发起人,85后美女职业经理人代表,近十年来深度服务于名创优品集团多个品牌。多次受邀出席TED珠江新城、中国零售创新峰会、C-star 2018国际零售论坛等各行业峰会做主题分享,担任2018广告人国际大奖评委2018移动广告创意节评委,凭借着其对行业的突出贡献和影响力,2017年荣获中共广州市委统战部颁发的羊城e家突出贡献奖、以及荔湾区优秀十佳异地务工人员等奖项。


    在品牌海外传播上,她策划签约会、投资会、地产会等重量级品牌活动,开启名创优品全球进化之路。随着名创优品进驻62个国家,她为名创优品打开了海外品牌传播渠道,2017年签约越南人气偶像Son Tung M-TP,让名创优品在海外成了时尚达人的新宠。她大胆提出充分发挥公司现有粉丝资源优势,积极与外部公司置换资源为公司带来丰厚的创收。



  • 左敬东
    左敬东 马克华菲 电商总经理兼首席信息官

    马克华菲电商总经理/CIO,   专注于零售消费品行业,兼具业务及IT从业经历,历任电商总经理、品牌总经理、IT总监、咨询总监、软件中心总经理等。致力于零售创新、业务与IT的融合。

  • 靡雨清
    靡雨清 相宜本草 市场总监


    曾服务于联合利华、强生、欧莱雅等国际品牌公司, 担任产品开发、市场推广和品牌总经理等职位

    现任相宜本草化妆品股份有限公司 市场推广总监

  • 袁英
    袁英 亿滋中国 口香糖、糖果及冲饮品类市场部副总裁

    袁英女士现任亿滋中国口香糖、糖果及冲饮品类市场部副总裁。亿滋中国(原“卡夫食品中国”)于 1984 年进入中国市场,总部位于上海,是零食业务的市场引领者。亿滋国际是全球领先的饼干、巧克力、口香糖、 糖果及冲泡饮料制造商,并为全球165个国家的消费者带来了充满快乐的美味时刻。 
    袁英女士于2012年2月加入亿滋中国,时任中国战略与消费者洞察总监,负责领导公司的中国战略与消费 者洞察业务。此后,她历任市场营销、市场洞察及分析等部门的多个职务,并自2017年起,负责领导亿滋 中国上亿规模的口香糖品类及糖果和冲饮品类业务,产品品牌包括炫迈(Stride)、清至(Trident)、怡口 莲(Choclairs)、荷氏(Hall)和菓珍(Tang)。她领导的团队成功打造了炫迈“根本停不下来”的创意 品牌资产及整合营销活动,大大提升了品牌的消费者知名度,驱动了销售增长。 
    袁英女士扎根于快消品行业,拥有超过 20 年丰富的行业经验。她的职业生涯起步于广州宝洁公司。凭借优 异的工作表现,她从个人清洁及女性用品商业经理,最终升任宝洁亚洲市场商业洞察副总裁,在新加坡总部 任职。在此期间,她成功带领亚洲多个国家的多元化市场团队,在门店策略、线下促销、品牌资产等领域取 得了突破性成就。 

  • 林玮峰
    林玮峰 雅士利国际集团 多美滋及Arla品牌经理


  • 吴国翔
    吴国翔 中国南方航空 国际合作部总经理

    吴国翔先生 中国南方航空股份有限公司国际合作部总经理。北京航空航天大学工商管理硕士研究生毕业。吴国翔先生曾担任南航市场发展部总经理、市场部总经理、日本区域办事处总经理、湖北分公司副总经理,历经中国南方航空公司国内、国外多个经营管理岗位,多个国际航空论坛和民航行业组织的专家。在航空市场营销、航班计划等领域有近二十年管理经验。

  • Jonathan Beh
    Jonathan Beh IPG盟博 Cadreon凯骏中国负责人

    Jonathan Beh是一位数字营销专家,在品牌和绩效营销、数据和媒体技术方面拥有丰富的经验,并具备程序化、搜索、电商及项目管理领域的实战知识。Jonathan最近入选Campaign Asia 40 under 40 精英领袖。他在电商网站拥有2年多的技术和开发经验,在英国、EMEA和亚太及中国市场拥有14年搜索和数字媒体经验。


    Jonathan专注于强化客户的重要基线需求,通过创意和创新扩大传播效果。 他在搜索领域的技能和知识使他能将搜索整合到跨学科渠道及跨代理商的关系中。

  • 王许斌
    王许斌 IPG盟博中国 洞察负责人

    Vincent拥有十五年丰富的品牌咨询及广告策划工作经验,其中近6年从事媒介策略规划。服务的客户品类众多,包括知名品牌联合利华, 统一,宝洁,惠氏制药,强生,乐高,嘉士伯,保乐力加,平安保险,交通银行,麦当劳等。



  • 李承隆
    李承隆 京东黑珑科技 首席运营官

    李承隆 (Eric Lee)20187月份就任黑珑科技首席运营官。李承隆负责黑珑科技数字营销业务的发展和扩张,带领各个专业团队为客户提供创新数字营销解决方案。

    作为数字世界的原住民, 李承隆在中国,美国及台湾数字营销领域拥有十余年工作经验。 在加入黑珑科技之前,李承隆曾任职于谷歌,担任大中华区及韩国广告平台合作总经理,负责程序化购买与效果营销,Ad Exchange全域流量变现,以及大客户战略合作计划的制定与管理。在加入谷歌之前,担任香奈儿数字媒介营销负责人及尚扬媒介广告媒体代理商。


  • 陈琦
    陈琦 百胜中国 肯德基高级市场总监
  • 王树柏
    王树柏 途牛旅游网 副总裁





    2017年,王树柏应邀出席峰会并发表主题演讲《借势聚能 营销大有可为》,与900余位到场嘉宾分享了他对营销的独特理解。并获得唯一“2016-2017年度最佳旅游营销人物”殊荣。

  • 刘牧洋
    刘牧洋 流利说 市场副总裁

    截止2018年6月30日,旗舰App“英语流利说”的注册用户数已超过8000万人,付费用户逾百万,覆盖全球175个国家,全国379个城市。英语流利说App亦是国内领先的英语学习App和最活跃的语言学习社区,被苹果公司评为“App Store精华”和“年度精选App”。
    2017年7月,流利说完成近亿美金的C轮融资。几轮投资方共包括:IDG、挚信资本、GGV 、华人文化产业投资基金(CMC)、心元资本、双湖资本、赫斯特资本等知名VC。

  • 孔令恒
    孔令恒 达能纽迪希亚中国 数据及商业智能部总监







  • 陈鹏
    陈鹏 分众传媒 合伙人、集团副总裁




  • 陈乐
    陈乐 AdMaster 首席运营官

    陈乐(Wilson Chen)现任 AdMaster 首席运营官(精硕科技集团下属事业部),负责AdMaster 职能管理体系的建立,侧重各个业务办公室的生意和组织架构计划的制定和开展,建立和协调研发与业务部门合作的工作流程,确保公司经营系统整体功能高效发挥。联合各职能支持部门包括市场部、财务、法务和人事协同工作,来确保AdMaster 事业部通过创新和价值实现获得客户的信任和市场竞争的胜出。在此之前,他曾任上海公司总经理。
    陈乐具有丰富的互联网广告数据应用、品牌社交媒体数据应用、品牌电商数据应用、及互联网媒体引流到电商购物成单转化过程数据整合分析和应用领域的工作经验。任职期间,他致力于打造以客户为中心的高效优质服务团队,以国际化的视野发展人才培养。坚持创新、精益的管理,快速响应市场需求推进大数据整合应用趋势,从而确立了AdMaster 在市场竞争中的有利地位。 
    Wilson 曾就职于中国宝洁的消费者及市场研究部门和销售部,具有丰富品牌消费者和市场渠道经验。同时在WPP下属的零售咨询公司Kantar Retail领导洞察部门和参与各类咨询项目。

  • 蔡婷婷
    蔡婷婷 TVB 高级编剧


  • 马长安
    马长安 二更传媒 副总裁


  • 徐方圆
    徐方圆 欧莱雅中国 首席数字营销官事业部高级数字营销经理
  • 王玉梅
    王玉梅 AdMaster 首席内容官

    王玉梅(Maggie Wang)现任AdMaster 首席内容官,负责内容营销相关社交大数据、市场研究、剧目明星营销分析和电商营销业务商务战略规划,商业解决方案设计以及市场推广策略制定。


    在加入AdMaster 前曾作为研究专家任职于世界最大的市场研究公司尼尔森为30多家跨国公司及本地巨头提供咨询研究服务。对帮助企业利用大数据分析市场潜力,挖掘市场机会以及满足市场需求有着丰富的经验。通过精准的产品/解决方案的策略推广,帮助众多知名品牌客户在数字媒体、电子商务和精准营销等方面实现长足的发展。

  • 李鹏
    李鹏 酷云互动 董事长兼CEO


  • 管鹤荣
    管鹤荣 AdMaster 销售副总裁

    管鹤荣(Kevin Guan), 现任精硕科技集团销售副总裁。中国第一批从事数字化媒体研究和营销的专业人士之一。

    2006年便着眼于研究中国的社交媒体。曾在CIC 以及尼尔森的初创团队中开拓了中国社会化媒体监测和评估的先河。之后涉足汽车领域,开拓并积累了大量的汽车行业经验。目前负责带领精硕科技集团销售铁军,开拓市场,与各事业部形成合力, 把业务和解决方案销售给更多的客户。

  • 段淳林
    段淳林 华南理工大学 新闻与传播学院教授、博士生导师

    段淳林,华南理工大学新闻与传播学院教授、博士生导师,中国知名品牌战略与传播专家,广东省新媒体与品牌传播创新应用重点实验室主任,广东省大数据与计算广告工程技术研究中心主任,华南理工大学品牌硏究所所长,武汉大学广告学博士。全国第一个品牌传播专业创办人,整合品牌传播(IBC)理论体系创始人。 致力于品牌战略与传播、大数据及组织文化管理以及大数据与计算广告的研究。

  • 谢乐
    谢乐 金佰利中国 市场副总裁




    谢乐在南京大学取得了信息学学士学位,并于2011年12月获得美国Washington University in St. Louis 高级工商管理硕士学位。

  • 陈轶
    陈轶 方太集团 品牌与市场副总裁特别助理





  • 张继红
    张继红 碚曦投资协作体 高级副总裁
  • 刘旭丹
    刘旭丹 微博 营销策略总监